What I do

I work as a referral vet, which means that you will come to see me once you have seen your usual vet.  If you wish to see me for a consultation I will require your animal’s full clinical history from your usual veterinary practice.  This is so that I can fully integrate the herbal therapy with any routine treatments.  I will also provide a detailed referral report back to your usual veterinary surgeon detailing the Herbal treatments your animal is on and any potential positive or negative interactions with conventional medicines.

The initial consultation looks into many areas of your animals life; including diet, exercise as well as physical and emotional stresses. It is only by looking holistically that I can support your pet fully. Once I have initially met your pet (typically an hour-long consultation) I will then design an individual tonic for them, ensuring that it fits into any conventional medication that they are taking.

Once the tonic has been started I like to review my patients after 2-4 weeks to see if any changes are needed.

To get started simply email me, giving me details about your pet and their problems and the contact details for your usual veterinary surgeon. I will then contact them directly to get your pets full clinical history.